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The Development and Public Works (DPW) Department is organized into three divisions.

  • Community Development: looks at the long-term future of the community and how we might grow, and oversees changes to property inside the City or the Urban Growth Boundary around it. Jeff Paschall, Division Director

  • Environmental Services: protects Springfield’s water resources by managing a stormwater program and partnering in the regional wastewater program. Matt Stouder, Division Director

  • Operations: keeps the City’s systems- streets (including traffic signals), wastewater, stormwater- running smoothly. Brian Conlon, Division Director

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Projects Underway

Wastewater Master Plan Update

The City of Springfield is updating our Wastewater Master Plan. Public facility Master Plans are how a city decides in what ways it will grow, long-term. Extensive research has been conducted and there are 20 recommended improvements. A draft of the Plan compiles this information and was completed in January 2024. Once the Master Plan is adopted by City Council [...]

Public Facilities and Services Plan

The PFSP 2022 Update project is intended to: incorporate plan revisions adopted by ordinance since 2011 that have not yet been incorporated into the PFSP document; revise, clarify, and update PFSP text to facilitate use by jurisdictional staff and the public; and update project lists and maps to reflect current facility master plans.

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Visit our Traffic Safety and Control page for additional information.

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