Springfield History Museum Committee

About the Springfield History Museum Committee

The Springfield History Museum Committee was established by the City Council in 2017 when the Museum rejoined the City of Springfield to help guide the vision of the Museum. The Committee assists the Museum Curator in a variety of ways, with a focus on making recommendations for exhibits and programming, assisting with implementation of exhibits and special events, and assisting with community outreach, publicity, and fundraising. 

The mission of the Springfield History Museum is to foster an awareness of the history of Springfield, provide a link between our past and present, and promote an appreciation of the diverse communities that call Springfield and rural East Lane County home. Learn more about the Springfield History Museum at http://www.springfield-museum.com/

2022 Meetings

1/12/2022: Historic Atlas Subcommittee: Agenda
1/18/2022: Agenda

2021 Meetings

4/20/2021: Agenda
5/18/2021: Agenda | Minutes | Collection Assessment for Preservation (CAP) Assessor’s Report
6/8/2021: Historic Atlas Subcommittee: Agenda | Minutes
6/15/2021: Agenda | Minutes | Museum Committee Bylaws | Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist Job Description
7/14/2021: Historic Atlas Subcommittee: Agenda | Minutes
7/20/2021: Agenda | Minutes
8/11/2021: Historic Atlas Subcommittee: Agenda | Draft Survey Questions
8/17/2021: Agenda | Minutes
9/15/2021: Historic Atlas Subcommittee: Minutes
9/21/2021: Agenda
10/13/2021: Historic Atlas Subcommittee: Agenda | Minutes
10/19/2021: Minutes
11/10/2021: Historic Atlas Subcommittee: Agenda | Minutes
11/16/2021: Agenda | Minutes

Springfield History Museum Committee Members

Chair: Adam Howard
Jenny Hornby
Stacy Roth
Matthew Auxier
Tara Puyat
Carolyn Houde
Jenna Fribley
Sarah Glass
Megan England
City Staff Liaison: Madeline McGraw
City Councilor Liaison, Ward 1, Damien Pitts

Contact Museum Committee Liaison Madeline McGraw at mmcgraw@springfield-or.gov, 541-726-3677.