Spring Clean Up

The 2021 Spring Clean-Up has been canceled due to factors related to COVID-19.

As conditions change, we will revisit the possibility of a Clean-Up event later this year.

We look forward to the day when we’re able to hold the annual Spring Clean-Up once again and thank you for your understanding.

We will post any updates here as they become available.

1600 South ‘B’ Street, Springfield

Spring Clean-Up is an opportunity for residents within the City limits to recycle large items and hard-to-recycle materials at one convenient location.  Please use the menu above to make sure you bring only acceptable materials.  In addition, please check out the suggested manner for loading your truck.  This will improve the efficiency of your visit to Spring Clean-Up.

This event is very popular, expect there MAY be a wait time of 1 to 2 hours.

Check out the Spring Clean-Up video to see the event in action and to learn more!

For more information call: 541.525.2658

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