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Stormwater Information

Brochure, Guide, or Fact Sheet Notes and additional information
Homeowner’s Guide Series
Invasives Español
Naturescaping Español
Pervious Surfaces
Rain Gardens
Rainwater Harvesting
Streamside Gardening
Clean Water At a Glance Fact Sheet Series (en español y inglés)
Auto Fluids
Car Washing
Carpet Cleaning
Storm Drain Maintenance
Construction (home improvement projects)
Household Hazardous Waste
Lawn and Garden  Also see our webpage Clean Water Gardens
Pet Waste  Also see our webpage Canines for Clean Water
Pools and Hot Tub Maintenance
Pressure Washing
Stormwater Program
Water Quality Facilities
Annual Rate Notification (Stormwater & Wastewater) updated 2022
Canines for Clean Water (pet waste) updated 2022. Also see our webpage Canines for Clean Water
Car Care for Clean Water updated 2018
Clean Water Starts at Home updated 2021
Good Habits for Good Habitats updated 2022
Mercury Safety updated 2020
Mill Race waterway updated 2023
Our Water: It’s All Connected updated 2020
Rain Gardens updated 2015. Also see our webpage Clean Water Gardens
Septic Systems updated 2023
Paint Waste, Controlando los Residuos de Pintura (Español) updated 2015
Pressure Washing updated 2017
Wildlife Feeding (don’t do it) updated 2021
Fish Friendly Car Wash Kit Instructions updated 2016. Also see our webpage Fish Friendly Car Wash Kits
Little Litter Flyer updated 2016