DPW Brochures, Guides, and Fact Sheets

Stormwater Information

Mercury Safety updated 2020
Our Water: It’s All Connected updated 2020
Rain Gardens updated 2015. Also see our webpage Clean Water Gardens
Septic Systems updated 2023
Paint Waste, Controlando los Residuos de Pintura (Español) updated 2015
Pressure Washing updated 2017
Wildlife Feeding (don’t do it) updated 2021
Fish Friendly Car Wash Kit Instructions updated 2016. Also see our webpage Fish Friendly Car Wash Kits
Little Litter Flyer updated 2016

Stormwater Informational Materials

The following collection of printed materials cover assorted stormwater topics that matter in Springfield. Contact the Stormwater Team with questions or to get printed copies.

Yard & Garden Brochures

Our Clean Water Gardens brochures highlight the top six ways homeowners can have a nice yard and ensure clean, healthy water supplies. Visit our Clean Water Garden webpage for more information!

Stormwater Fact Sheets

Our Clean Water Fact Sheets, available in English and Español, cover 12 sources of water pollution. Since they harm Springfield’s waterways, it’s against City Code to let them wash into storm drains or the stormwater system. Everyone is required to prevent pollution from these sources.

Pressure Washing 

Transportation Information