Springfield Police Advisory Committee

Members of the Springfield Police Advisory Committee are appointed by the Mayor and City Council, who also provide a Councilor as a committee liaison. Committee members serve in an advisory capacity for the Council and Chief of Police regarding public safety and neighborhood livability issues, as well as assisting with implementation of adopted long range plans for police services.

Meetings are held quarterly, at minimum, and more frequently upon committee consensus. Meetings are open to the public. Members serve without compensation and must be residents of Springfield, with the exception of the representatives of the School District 19 or Willamalane Park and Recreation District. Terms are four years and may be renewed once.

SPAC Policy Review Schedule
SPAC Goals
SPAC Bylaws
2024 Meeting Dates & Details
February: Agenda | Minutes | Recording 82.2.5 Missing Persons & Runaways 82.2.6 Public Alerts
March: Subcommittee Meeting 3.7 | Agenda | Recording Subcommittee Meeting 3.21 | Agenda | Recording
April:  Agenda | Minutes | Recording 42.6.1 Search & Seizure 45.1.1 Crime Prevention/Community Outreach  Annual Report Draft
June:  Agenda | Minutes | Recording 61.3.4 DUII 61.3.8 Bicycles Pedestrians Call Stats Since April Meeting
August: Agenda | Minutes | Recording
October: Agenda | Minutes | Recording
December: Agenda | Minutes | Recording
2023 Meeting Dates & Details
January:  Agenda | Minutes | Recording January 5 Sub Committee

Agenda | Recording

January 30th Sub Committee

Agenda | Recording

February: Agenda | Minutes | Recording 1.1.3 Department Purpose & Values 1.1.2 Oath of Office / Code of Ethics February 23 Subcommittee

Agenda | Recording

April:  Agenda | Minutes | Recording Annual Report (DRAFT) 2.5.1 Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws
May:  Subcommittee Meeting Only May 10 Subcommittee

Agenda | Recording

June:  Agenda | Minutes | Recording SPAC Policy Review Schedule 61.1.1 Traffic Enforcement

41.4.10 Consular & Diplomatic Relations

August: Meeting Canceled
October: Agenda | Minutes | Recording 1.3.1 Arrests 41.5.2 Biased Based Policing
December: Agenda | Minutes | Recording 1.3.5 Domestic Violence

Committee Members

First Name Last Name Membership
Joe Pishioneri Councilor Representative
Currently Vacant Cultural Minority Community Representative
Daniel Davidson Faith Community Representative
Cindy Koza Local Business Representative
Jonathan Hayes Neighborhood At-Large
Karla Berg Neighborhood At-Large
Teresa (Terri) Dillon Neighborhood At-Large
Adam Jenkins Neighborhood At-Large
Brett Yancey School District Representative
Eric Adams Willamalane Representative


Please contact Tiffany Monroe, the Springfield Police Advisory Committee Staff Liaison, at tmonroe@springfield-or.gov or 541-726-3721

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