Traffic Enforcement

The team consists of two officers whose highest priority is traffic safety. The team patrols on motorcycles for maneuvering through congested traffic. School zones, locations of frequent traffic accidents and traffic related issues reported by citizens are given top attention.


MAIT stands for the MAJOR ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION TEAM.  This Team is responsible for the investigation of major traffic accidents.  Its members are specially trained in accident investigation and assisting in the prosecution of vehicle assault and homicide.

Drug Recognition Expert

Drug Recognition Experts are specially trained Police Officers that are called to perform drug evaluations on persons suspected of operating a vehicle, or otherwise being under the influence of controlled substances.  DRE’s conduct a nationally standardized 12 step evaluation process to determine the category of drug(s) the person is under the influence of.  

What to do if you’re involved in an accident:

  • If possible, move vehicles so you’re not blocking traffic.  If not possible, call Police.
  • After vehicles have been moved, exchange information with other driver (name, address, insurance info, driver’s license number, vehicle plate, make, model and color)
  • If other driver leaves the scene, without contact, call Police.
  • After you have exchanged info, fill out a Oregon State Department of Motor Vehicles accident report, if there is over $1,000 damage or an injury.  These forms are available at any police department or DMV office. This form must be filled out within 72 hours of the accident.