City Link

City Link Springfield Oregon is working to empower under-represented leaders in Springfield to better understand and participate in their local government. City Link is offered at no cost to the Springfield community.

Through City Link, participants will meet with leaders from City departments and divisions to gain a better understanding of how their government works, build contacts, and ask questions. Following the course, participants will be in a great position to help their neighbors understand and access City government as City liaisons.

Community members interested in learning more may contact Assistant City Manager Niel Laudati at 541-726-3700 or

City Link was developed to:

  • Eliminate some of the fear and confusion that often exists between local government and under-represented communities.
  • Provide thoughtful, coordinated and structured learning opportunities for a cohort of under-represented communities based on the services provided by local government.
  • Serve as a model for other communities to build community engagement.

City Link goals include:

  • Build a cohort of knowledgeable liaisons within the six wards that make up Springfield. In this official role, they would serve as connections for under-represented communities who need assistance or have questions but are uncomfortable directly contacting their local government representatives.
  • Increase participation by the under-represented community in City boards, committees and elected positions and increasing positive interactions between the under-represented community and City officials.
  • Build long-term partnerships with other cities that would replicate the program.


Elements of The City Link program were developed in partnership with the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Public Policy and Leadership.