Springfield Municipal Jail

The Springfield Municipal Jail’s top priority is the safety and security of the public, jail staff, and adults in custody. Sound policy, procedures, and professional standards guide our work and ensure we are following best jail practices.

The Springfield Municipal Jail began accepting inmates January 29, 2010. The 98 bed facility is the largest municipal jail in the State of Oregon. The bond measure to build the facility was passed in November of 2004 by the citizens of Springfield. The purpose of the Springfield Jail is to create a safer community and provide secure incarceration and detention for misdemeanant offenders, pre and post trial.

19 certified and civilian individuals work, along with contracted medical and mental health professionals, to run the Springfield Municipal Jail. Every day they provide services to adults in custody within the facility, as well as attorneys, friends, and family members who visit them.

Having a loved one or a friend in jail can be a stressful situation, especially the first time, when the rules may not be familiar to you. You are encouraged to review this information to better understand Springfield Municipal Jail’s operations, especially rules for adults in custody, mail, money, and visitation.