Animal Services

Since 1986 Springfield Animal Control has been patrolling the streets of Springfield in an effort to educate the citizens on the care and laws regarding their pets.  Animal Control handles calls from a dog at large to an intense investigation on animal cruelty.

FAQ’s & Important Links

Report a Nuisance or Criminal Animal Complaint

License Your Dog or Miniature Pig using our Online Licensing System

All dogs over 6 months old are required to be properly licensed by Springfield City Code 5.426.

Update or Renew Your Current Pet License: Renewing, inactivating deceased or moved pets, changing owner contact & address information, or updating any pet characteristics.

For all other pet licensing questions or correspondence, please send us an email: Licensing Email

Important Information Regarding Service Animals vs. Companion Animals & Emotional Support Animals

Minimum Standards for Licensing Service Dogs in Springfield

If you would rather license in-person or by mail, please click here for a printable Dog License Application.

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View Current Dogs at Greenhill Humane Society All dogs picked up by Springfield Animal Control are held at our station for approximately 24 hours before being transported to Greenhill Humane Society. Every effort is made to reunite a dog with its owner.

If you have lost or found a dog in Springfield, please call Animal Control at 541-726-3634. It is required by law to report found animals and until this has occurred and a specific amount of time has lapsed, the animal may not be legally rehomed or given away.

In order to minimize the number of unwanted pets, please be sure to spay or neuter your animal! Please click here for a list of local veterinarians and low cost spay/neuter clinics.

FAQs About Dog Bites

Q:        When does a dog bite need to be reported?

A:         Mandatory bite reporting is required only if the teeth make contact with the skin resulting in a break to the skin (as in a puncture).  If the bite makes contact with clothing such as a jacket and the teeth did not tear through the clothing to make skin contact, it is not considered a ‘reportable bite.’

Q:        Will my dog be put down if I report it bit someone?

A:         This is dependent on the situation, but under most circumstances, no. Unless the dog fits the definition of a Vicious Dog, meaning the dog was not under control and off property it is allowed to be on, the owner will not be charged and the dog will not be seized or euthanized.

Q:        Do I have to report when my own dog bites me?

A:        Yes, for safety and legal reasons, you must report any bite incident.

Q:        What if I want to euthanize my own animal due to a bite?

A:         You must adhere to the 10 day quarantine process before any decision like that can be made. Once the quarantine is over, it is your decision and financial responsibility to euthanize the dog in a humane manner.

For more FAQs and information on dog bites, please visit Lane County Animal Service’s site HERE.

Reporting a Dog Bite

To Report a Dog Bite that occurred in the City Limits of Springfield, please have the following required information, and then use the link to our form below to submit.

The following information is required:

Address of Incident
Date & Time of Incident
Name, Address & Current Phone Number of Victim
Date of Birth of Victim
Brief Nature of Injuries
Brief Description of Circumstances of Bite
Brief Description of the Dog if not known
If known, Owner of the Dog’s Name, Address & Current Phone Number
If known, Rabies Vaccination Expiration
If known, Dog’s Veterinary Clinic

Springfield Dog Bite Form

For Animal Services in Eugene city limits, please visit  Eugene Animal Services

For Animal Services outside city limits, please visit Lane County Animal Services