Patrol is the uniformed component of the police department. Patrol Officers provide 24 hour, 7 day response to calls for service.  The average shift consists of 1 Sergeant and 5 to 6 patrol officers. 

Services include traffic law enforcement, report taking, preliminary investigation, selected follow-up investigations, accident investigation, and response to public disorder complaints.  Calls for service are prioritized based upon the seriousness and immediacy of a threat to life or property of the reported incident.

Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers (CSOs) are non-sworn officers who work to support the necessary duties associated with the Operations Division. CSOs play an integral role in the department’s ability to serve the community of Springfield by providing response to non-emergency calls for service.

This work takes many forms, from towing enforcement, retrieving stolen & recovered property, and assisting at vehicle accident scenes.

Additionally, CSOs are able to take reports of incidents that are not in progress and do not require the presence of a sworn officer, including but not limited to: fraud, theft, criminal mischief, and other property crimes.