Hate/Bias Crimes or Incidents

While bias incidents and crimes sometimes target specific individuals, they often violate an entire group or community’s sense of safety and belonging.  Graffiti on the wall, fliers, anonymous emails and language meant to harass individuals convey intolerance that impacts all of us.  We want Springfield to be welcoming and inclusive.

What’s the Difference between a Hate or Bias Crime and a Bias Incident?

  • “Bias crime” means the commission, attempted commission or alleged commission of an offense described in ORS 166.155 or 166.165
  • “Bias incident” means a person’s hostile expression of animus toward another person, relating to the other person’s perceived race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or national origin, of which criminal investigation or prosecution is impossible or inappropriate. “Bias incident” does not include any incident in which probable cause of the commission of a crime is established by the investigating law enforcement officer.

Reporting hate and bias crimes:

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.  If it is not an emergency, you may submit a complaint or concern in the following ways:

  • By phone:  541-726-3714
  • In person:  230 4th Street, Springfield, OR  97477

Reporting hate and bias incidents: