Land & Drainage Alteration Permits

LDAP code changes are now official

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recently issued new requirements for Springfield about grading and erosion prevention under the LDAP. The City has updated sections of its Municipal Code to meet those requirements.

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All persons engaged in construction activities must implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) for preventing and/or controlling erosion, sedimentation and other construction related impacts to water quality and the environment. A Land Drainage and Alteration Permit (LDAP) is required prior to any disturbance for constructions activities that:

  • Disturb an area one acre or greater in size.
  • Disturb an area greater than 500 square feet within a sensitive area.
  • Disturb 50 cubic yards or greater.
  • Disturb any amount of soil for the purpose of supporting a structure.

Sites that are exempt from the permit requirements identified above must achieve the same outcomes and are subject to the same enforcement action as permitted sites.

LDAP Standard Requirements

  • No deposit or discharge of sediment onto adjacent properties or water features.
  • No degradation of water features due to removal of streambank vegetation.
  • No deposit of mud, soil, concrete, or other material into streets or storm drains.
  • No exposure of soil or stockpiles to stormwater runoff without containment.
  • No earth slides or mudflows shall leave the property.
  • No discharge of contaminants or hazardous substances from the site.

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A properly installed swale in Springfield.

Entrances to construction sites are an area to consider for the LDAP.

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