Earth Day on April 22, 2021

We celebrate Earth Day

Every spring since 2007 the City of Springfield’s Environmental Services Division has held an Earth Day project for local elementary school students.

Our children are our future and City staff work hard to ensure Springfield stays a safe and fun place to grow up. As family members and parents ourselves, we are passionate about student wellbeing and education. Because several City departments oversee the planning, construction, and maintenance of Springfield’s infrastructure, we know the local environment very well and have a lot we can share with the next generation.

Earth Day is one of our favorite times to introduce young people to the Earth in terms of where we live, and to discover what the Earth and their surrounding environment means to them.

Activity goals

Our Earth Day projects have changed over the years, yet all have engaged students in a meaningful educational activity related to the City of Springfield and to the Earth. Previous activities have included poster contests, a rain barrel painting contest, and a Public Service Announcement for radio.

  • We involve as many Springfield students as possible and provide equal opportunities for them all to participate.
  • We introduce students to the relationship between their behavior and the health of the land we live on.
  • Projects can also create excitement around the City’s important role in environmental maintenance.

In the spring of 2021, Springfield’s 4th-Grade classrooms were provided the opportunity to learn about our stormwater system, which has a large impact on the city’s environment. Then students were invited to share their Earth Day art with us. Enjoy! Click art to view it larger.

Peek in the classroom

For Earth Day this year, 4th-grade students learned about Springfield’s stormwater system and the actions they can take to prevent pollution from washing in to storm drains. This is important because the main cause of pollution to the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers comes from urban runoff through stormwater. It means all of us have a part to play in taking action to keep our rivers safe and healthy.

To learn more, please enjoy this short presentation to our 4th-Graders:

Contact Us

For information about our Earth Day projects, contact Springfield’s Stormwater Team at 541.726.3694 or