Natural Resource Inventories & Protections for Springfield’s UGB Expansion Areas


Willamette RiverThis project identifies and evaluates natural resources in Springfield’s urban growth boundary (UGB) expansion areas so the Springfield community and its partners can determine which resources offer significant benefits and should be locally protected in compliance with Statewide Planning Goal 5. Future development within the 2019 UGB expansion areas relies on an understanding of the land’s existing characteristics—including its wetlands, riparian corridors, and wildlife habitat—to make informed decisions on where to locate. A combination of local funds and grant funds from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development support the project.


Wetland Georgia Pacific Mill Race Study Area
  • Promote a healthy, safe, and clean community by making wise use of natural resources.

  • Provide better understanding and certainty for property owners and developers by making development decisions streamlined and predictable.
  • Enable urbanization of Springfield’s designated employment areas by meeting State-mandated planning requirements based on Oregon Statewide Planning Goal 5 (Natural Resources, Scenic and Historic Areas, and Open Spaces).

  • Identify ways to enhance Springfield’s work by addressing other Statewide Planning Goals: air, water, and land resources quality (Goal 6), natural hazards (Goal 7), recreation (Goal 8), and economic development (Goal 9).

  • Further Springfield’s conformance with the Springfield Comprehensive Plan.


April 10, 2023: In October 2022 our environmental consultants submitted a revised Local Wetlands Inventory report to the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) based on DSL’s preliminary review comments. We anticipate DSL review of the updated LWI this spring. Our consultants also recently completed the remaining pieces needed for the riparian inventory and prepared a preliminary inventory of wildlife habitat. In consultation with Oregon Department of Wildlife, the Lane Council of Governments will use the information from this inventory work to determine significant habitat sites and identify possible protection measures. We updated Planning Commission and City Council on the project this spring. Check out the Meetings & Events content below for more about what we presented to and heard from the Planning Commission and Council.

Previous Progress
Interested in viewing project information that led us to this point? Earlier updates with links to old draft reports, materials for community outreach, and more are available here.

Meetings & Events

Wetland Mill Race Study Area We aim to provide several opportunities to engage with this project based on our Community Engagement Plan. See below for what we are up to lately and click here to review past activities.

  • May 2, 2023: Planning Commission work session. Click here to view the materials and listen to the discussion.
  • May 22, 2023: City Council work session. Click here to view the materials and here to listen to the discussion.


Based on the results of the inventory and assessment work performed by our environmental consultants, City staff and the Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) will identify options for protection measures for consideration by the community, appointed officials, and elected officials. A set of recommended updates to the Springfield Natural Resources Study will follow, which will involve the City and Lane County co-adopting these changes.

The timeline below depicts the estimated schedule for the project as of April 2023.

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