Land Use Permits & Applications

Applications can be submitted to, or dropped off at the Development Center in City Hall (225 Fifth St) Tuesday-Friday between 8 AM – 12 PM and 1 PM – 4 PM.

Permits and Applications Additional Information
Accessory Dwelling Unit Type 1
Accessory Dwelling Unit Type 2
Amendment of Refinement Plan Text and/or Diagram
Annexation Application
Appeal Application
Campus Industrial Zoning District Use Pre-Certification
Conceptual Development Plan
Development Code Amendment, Type IV
Development Initiation Meeting (DIM)
Discretionary Use and Discretionary Use-Fences
Drinking Water Protection Exemption Request
Drinking Water Protection Overlay District Development
Easement (Corporation)
Easement (Individual)
Fee Waiver for Non-profit Affordable Housing Providers
Final Site Plan Equivalent Map
Final Site Plan Review
Floodplain Overlay District Development
Hillside Overlay District Development
Historical Review
Home Business Notification
Improvement Agreement (Corporation)
Improvement Agreement (Individual)
Land Division Plat Partition, Subdivision
Land Division Tentative Plan
Major Replat Plat
Major Replat Tentative Plan
Major Variance
Manufactured Dwelling Park, Type II
Manufactured Dwelling Park Space Line Adjustment
Manufactured Dwelling-Temporary Residence After a Disaster
Master Plan Modification
Master Plan Approval-Preliminary
Master Plan Review-Final
Metro Plan Amendment, Type IV
Middle Housing Cottage Cluster
Middle Housing Duplex
Middle Housing Triplex and Fourplex
Minimum Development Standards 
Minimum Development Standards Minor Small Cell 19
Minor Replat Plat
Minor Replat Tentative Plan
Minor Variance
Non-Conforming Use, Expansion/Modification
Pre-Application Report
Property Line Adjustment
Public Utility Easement (Corporation)
Public Utility Easement (Individual)
Serial Property Line Adjustment
Site Plan Review – Type 1
Site Plan Review – Type 2
Solar Access Guarantee
Temporary Use- Emergency Medical Hardship, Type II
Time Extension Request- 120 Days
Time Extension Request- Certain Improvements and Final Submittals
Traffic Control Plan Form
Tree Felling Permit
Willamette Greenway Overlay District Development
Zoning Map Amendment, Type III