Budget Committee

FY21 Budget Committee Meeting Agendas

Agenda May 5, 2020
Agenda May 12, 2020
Budget Overview
Department Operating Budget
Department Presentation Video’s
           PowerPoint Presentation Slides:
                     City Manager’s
                     Development and Public Works
                           Community Development & Capital
                           Environmental Services
                     Fire and Life Safety
                     Human Resources
                     Information Technology
                     Legal Services
Motions For Approval
FY21 Proposed Budget Document
FY 21 Springfield Economic Development Agency (SEDA) Proposed Budget
             SEDA Agenda
             SEDA Budget Message
             FY21 SEDA Budget Document
             Glenwood Expenditure Detail
             Downtown Expenditure Detail
             Motions For Approval
Budget Committee Legal Notices
             FY21 City Legal Notice
             FY21 SEDA Legal Notice
            FY21 State Shared Revenue Legal Notice