Current Construction Projects

The City of Springfield’s Development and Public Works Department oversees the design, construction, and maintenance of a variety of projects throughout the Springfield community as it works to maintain and develop the City’s infrastructure to meet the community’s ever growing needs. Major areas of responsibility include the municipal street, wastewater, and stormwater systems, as well as administering these systems as they relate to private development within the Springfield.

To view construction and maintenance projects within the Eugene-Springfield area and their traffic impacts, click on the map below or go to ODOT’s TripCheck.

In November 2018, Springfield voters approved a five-year $10 million general obligation bond to fund street repairs on a list of priority commercial streets needing repair.


Projects In Construction: 

Project Number Project Title Date Awarded Award Amount
P21157 Mohawk Overlay (BOND)

Olympic Overlay (BOND)

October 5th, 2020 $3,237,060.00
P21152 (1, 2, 3) Thurston Road: 58th Street to 69th Street (BOND)

58th Street: High Banks Road to Roundabout (BOND)

High Banks Road: Hwy 126 to 58th Street (BOND)

03-03-2021 $2,873,162.35
P21162 42nd Street Overlay (BOND) 3-25-2021 $328,591.20
(Map) 2021 Slurry Seal (Out for bid through Lane County)

The City of Springfield Operations Division performs slurry and crack sealing as preventative maintenance to prolong local streets’ useful life. Residents will be notified via a door hanger when their specific street will receive the treatment. A list of streets to be crack or slurry sealed for the coming year will be updated on the crack and slurry sealing web pages, click here for more information:

Crack Sealing – Learn more here

Slurry Sealing – Learn more here

Projects In Design: 

Project Number Project Title Comments
P21151 Centennial Overlay: Aspen to Prescott (BOND)
P21165 Gateway/Kruse Way Safety Improvements
TBD South 58th Street/Aster ADA Ramp
P41058 Franklin Phase 2 Design Funding needed for construction
P21167 Jasper Road/Dondea Street Safe Routes to School Pedestrian Crossing
P21174 Jasper Road/Filbert Crossing Safe Routes to School Pedestrian Crossing
P21065 Jasper Trunk Phase 3
P21170 42nd Street to 48th Street Sewer Rehab
TBD Slurry Seal 2021
P21173 Signal Enhancements
P21159 South 42nd/Daisy Roundabout
P41049 West ‘D’ Street Improvement Project Public Involvement Phase
P21166 South 28th Street Paving
P21156 Mill Street Reconstruct: South ‘A’ Street to Centennial Blvd Consultant Selection Phase
P21176 Franklin Blvd. (Hwy 225) (Environmental Analysis) Survey Complete
P21178 16th Street Emergency Sewer Repair
P21179 South “A” Street Emergency Sewer Repair

Completed Construction Projects: 


Project Number Project Title
P21145 South 54th Street Path – SFLP
P21149 South 32nd Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Pedestrian Crossing at Agnes Stuart Middle School
P21149 Thurston Middle School Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon
P21149 Riverbend Elementary/51st Crosswalk
P51047 Bike Wayfinding and Safety Improvements (Tree Trimming, Signage, Pavement)
P21114 Virginia-Daisy Bikeway Stormwater/ADA/Overlay (Virginia/Daisy Phase 1a- South 42nd to just west of 51st street)
P21161 G’ Street/Dos Rios, 21st Street/’H’ Street, and 5th/’M’ Street School Crossing
P51043 64th Street ADA Ramp
P21142 Main Street Crossings (66th/67th PHB)
P21149 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

Street Preservation

Project Number Project Title
P21150 14th Overlay: Main to ‘B’ and ‘E’ to ‘G’ (BOND)
P21150 Commercial Overlay: 42nd West to N/S Commercial (BOND)
P21168 Manhole Surface Repair


Project Number Project Title
P21106 Over/Under Channel Phase 1
P21123 Hamlin Channel Restoration
P21158 Brooklyn Swale
P21163 Over/Under Pipe Repair

Sanitary Sewer

Project Number Project Title
P21132 Sanitary Sewer Rehab – C
P21130 2018 Sanitary Sewer Rehab – A (14th Street)
P21171 Crest Lane Sanitary Sewer Extension


Project Number Project Title
P21121 Regional Fuel Facility
P21102 Booth Kelly Building Removal
P21137 Traffic Systems Modernization-Upgrade existing City traffic signals to a radio-based communications system

How are street repairs paid for?

There are limited sources of money available for capital construction projects.

  • Funds from user fees, and fuel tax.

  • Systems Development Charges (SDCs), which are received from development cost.

  • Outside funding from intergovernmental grants or loans.

  • Payments from developers for building improvements or planned projects.

  • Funds received for improvements by property owners.

  • Income from other City charges, such as permits, fee’s and other related city taxes.

  • Funds received from revenue bonds and general obligation bonds.

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a five-year program that identifies needs for construction of capital projects or improvements to the City’s infrastructure.  It identifies estimated costs and funding sources to demonstrate a balanced funding and expenditure program.

For more information on Capital Improvement funding, click here:

Capital Improvements Funding