File a Complaint

The Springfield Police Department is dedicated to the service and protection of the public and professional response to community needs. The trust of the community members of Springfield is of primary importance to our agency, and every member of SPD. Being a member of the Springfield Police Department requires individuals to accept the responsibility for this trust and to prioritize it in all interactions. Every member of the department is expected to treat all individuals with respect, courtesy and dignity. Any and all complaints in regards to department operations or employee conduct are taken seriously and thoroughly reviewed. We encourage community questions or valid complaints about the actions of our employees in their roles as members of the department. At times, a complaint may result from a simple misunderstanding that can be easily resolved; while other complaints require a more formal investigation. 

Who may file a complaint?

Any person who witnesses or has direct knowledge of suspected misconduct may contact the Springfield Police Department to initiate a complaint. The individual filing the complaint does not have to be directly involved with the alleged incident. Anonymous complaints will be taken. If you choose to file anonymously, please provide as much information as possible to allow for thorough follow-up in relation to the complaint. 

Who investigates the complaint?

Complaints filed with the Springfield Police Department are processed through the Office of Professional Standards. It is the Department’s goal to complete investigations in a timely manner upon receipt of the complaint.

The investigation of the complaint will focus on the conduct of the employee. This process cannot address complaints about legal issues such as whether or not a citation should have been issued or determining guilt or innocence in a criminal case. Such complaints are a separate issue which must be decided by the appropriate court.

How is a complaint filed?

A complaint may be filed several ways:

In Person or Via Mail

Springfield Justice Center Records Counter

230 4th Street

Springfield, Oregon 97477

By Phone

SPD Non-Emergency Line


Using the Online Form

Complaint Form

After the investigation is completed…

You will be notified, by phone or mail, the outcome of the investigation. Following is a list of findings:

Resolved at Intake – There is sufficient information provided to the reporting party to
satisfy their inquiry or resolve the reporting party’s complaint.
Sustained – There is sufficient evidence to indicate the misconduct did, in fact,
Not Sustained – There is insufficient to prove or disprove the allegation.
Unfounded – The investigation revealed the allegation is false and was not based
upon fact. No misconduct occurred.
Exonerated – Investigation revealed the incident did occur, but the named
member acted lawfully and properly.
Other Misconduct – Sustained misconduct not alleged in original report, but discovered
in the course of the investigation

What is the disciplinary process?

If a complaint is sustained, corrective training and/or disciplinary action may occur. Records of disciplinary action taken by the department are considered personnel records and are subject to applicable public records law.