Community Outreach

Community Outreach is staffed by the Community Outreach Coordinator, CSO Wick. It provides numerous programs and presentations to the community. Some of the programs provided by Community Outreach include: Residential/Commercial Safety Inspections, Ride Along Program, National Night Out, SPD Tours.

Community Outreach provides presentations regarding many of the above topics.  To request a Community Outreach Service, fill out the form found here. 

Neighborhood Watch:

Neighborhood Watch operates as it’s own, independent organization. The Community Outreach Office maintains a close relationship with NW and regularly attends meetings. However they are an autonomous organization with their own leadership structure & bylaws. To learn more about Neighborhood Watch, click here


Citizen volunteers participate in several programs in the department. Volunteers regularly help with police vehicle

 maintenance, event coordination, office organization, preparing materials for the community, and general office tasks. For more information about volunteer opportunities, click here. 

Ride Along Program:

Through this program citizens are allowed to accompany a uniformed police officer during his/her shift.  This enables the public to see up close the duties and functions performed by our department. Ride Along forms can be found at the Records Desk in the Springfield Justice Center lobby.