Court Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please take a moment to rate your level of satisfaction with the service you received today by selecting the rating that best matches each statement below:

Section I: Access to the Court

1. Finding the Court was easy. *
2. The Court makes reasonable efforts to remove physical and language barriers to service. *
3. The Court proceedings began promptly. *
4. I was able to get my Court business done in a reasonable length of time. *
5. The Court's website was useful. *
6. The Court's phone system was easy to navigate. *
7. The Court's hours of operations made it easy for me to complete my business. *
8. The Court's after hours options made it easy for me to complete my business. *

Section II: Fairness

9. I was treated with courtesy and respect. *
10. I was given an adequate and reasonable amount of time to resolve my case. *
11. The judge listened to my side of the story before a decision was made. *
12. The judge had the information necessary to make good decisions about my case. *
13. The way my case was handled was fair. *
14. I was treated the same as everyone else. *
15. My request was handled in a thorough manner. *
16. Before I left the court, I had a clear understanding of what I needed to do next. *

Section III: Court Staff

17. I was greeted promptly at the front counter. *
18. The clerk was friendly and polite. *
19. The clerk was professional. *
20. The clerk answered my questions *
21. The clerk was knowledgeable and informative. *

Section IV: Court Materials/Information

22. The Judge's speech before arraignments was informative and useful. *
23. The forms I needed to fill out were clear and easy to understand. *
24. The forms did not provide adequate information. *

Section V: Court Facilities

25. The building's appearance and condition reflected the importance and dignity expected in a courthouse. *
26. I felt safe in the courthouse. *
27. Seating in the courtroom was sufficient. *
28. There was sufficient, convenient parking available. *

Section VI: Overall Satisfaction

Background Information (Optional):

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