Driver License Suspensions

If your driving privileges have been suspended by the Springfield Municipal Court, you will receive a notice from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You may have it reinstated through one of the following:

  • Appear in court. If your suspension is due to a failure to appear for a court date.

  • Payment in full. If your license is suspended or is pending suspension you will need to contact the court to make your payment.

  • See a Judge, speak to the Violations Bureau, or write a letter/email to request a payment plan and a suspension clearance.

You are responsible for contacting the DMV to verify reinstatement of your license. In order for the DMV to reinstate your license, they must receive clearance documents from the court.  These documents are faxed to the DMV headquarters in Salem at the beginning of the next busniess day. However, the DMV may take up to three business days to process the documents after they are received. You may pick up copies of clearance documents in person at the court front counter to take to a local DMV office.


The Oregon DMV revokes driving privileges for many reasons and has additional requirements for getting your license reinstated.

The Court does not issue a hardship license. You must call the DMV to discuss this.

Additionally, if your license is suspended by other Courts you will need to contact them separately. Resolving a suspension with Springfield Municipal Court does not resolve suspensions with other Courts.

Lifetime revocations cannot be reinstated by the Springfield Municipal Court. If you have a lifetime revocation you may need to contact an attorney, the Oregon DMV, or the Lane County Circuit Court for more information.


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