Courtroom conduct:

When appearing at the Springfield Municipal Court, you will be expected to treat all personnel in a courteous and polite manner. Address the judge as “Your Honor,” and follow any instructions of the judge or court clerk. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior may be deemed contempt of court and you could be subject to immediate arrest and incarceration or fined for such behavior.

Courtroom attire:

Proper attire is expected in court. Shirts and shoes are required. Hats are to be removed.

Courtroom prohibitions:

Food or drink are not allowed in the courtroom.  Smoking, tobacco, or any vaping devices are also prohibited.
Cell phones must be turned off.  Electronic devices are strictly prohibited from recording in their audio or visual capacity.  For media restrictions, please see the Springfield Municipal Court’s general order 2019-9.

The herein courtroom provisions are not all inclusive and are subject to judicial discretion.


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