“Water-Safe Car Care” is a new brochure from the City of Springfield’s Stormwater Team with easy tips and reminders for vehicle owners. It’s a useful summary of where Springfield’s water pollution is coming from, and easy alternative activities that can prevent it.

This brochure reminds vehicle owners of their ongoing responsibilities, along with easy ways to meet them. The outlined actions are the best things to do for healthier rivers and streams, and are enforced by Springfield’s Municipal Code 4.372.

The brochure addresses Springfield’s most common water pollution complaint – vehicle leaks – while shedding light on less-obvious pollutants like soaps from car washing and chemicals from tire wear.

Springfield Utility Board (SUB) will distribute this new brochure to thousands of Springfield residents along with their February 2024 bill. It’s also on this website alongside other Springfield stormwater information. Check it out!