The City of Springfield is seeking input on two projects related to bike infrastructure improvements in Springfield – bike parking upgrades and bike share expansion. The City recently received transportation grant funding to install new public bike racks and is seeking feedback on where to site the new bike racks. The City is also seeking feedback on where to locate bike share hubs if bike share were to expand into Springfield.

Why bike parking?
The City of Springfield recently received grant funding to purchase and install public bike racks at locations lacking quality bike parking, which helps implement adopted transportation policies. Qualifying businesses, organizations, and housing complexes that are nominated will be considered to receive free bike parking (rack + install). The project focuses on improving the availability of safe and secure public bike parking to support transportation and recreation throughout Springfield.

Why bike share?
PeaceHealth Rides bike share has operated in Eugene since 2018 and Springfield is exploring the opportunity to expand the system into our community. Springfield is uniquely situated for a small bike share system connecting nearby neighborhoods and transit stations to downtown destinations. Riders could use the riverpath system to connect to Downtown Springfield, Downtown Eugene, and the University of Oregon – for shopping, dining, and recreation. The current bike share system operates with 300 bikes in Eugene and a system expansion would place about 100 additional bikes in Springfield for use 24-hours a day. The system would be operated at a regional level so that a user could pick up a bike anywhere within the regional service area and ride between Springfield and Eugene without any penalties or additional fees.

To give your feedback, visit this link to nominate public bike rack and bike share hub locations:

Questions? Contact Kelsey Moore, Springfield Transportation Options Specialist, at 541-682-4425 or