Public Warned About Deceptive Jewelry Sales

Community warning of deceptive jewelry sellers  

On October 4th, 2021, Springfield Police received several complaints of people faking being stranded on the side of I105 and selling cheap jewelry at high prices to good Samaritans.

The reports are slightly different, but all of the incidents follow a similar pattern.

A newer dark blue or black Chevrolet Suburban is pulled over on the side of I 105 near the I5 on-ramps with its flashers on and a man is flagging down passing drivers. There is another man driving, a woman, and three children inside the suburban

When a driver pulls over to help, the man, described as Middle Eastern with a heavy accent, about 5’ 7”, in his late 30’s or early 40’s, weighing approximately 230 pounds, says he is travelling with his family, ran out of gas and lost his wallet.

In one case the good Samaritan offered to buy them gas at the Fred Meyer on Q Street in Springfield. After they meet there, the man who was wearing a lot of jewelry offered to sell the jewelry to the good Samaritan.

The man claimed that each of the two necklaces he was selling were worth more than $2,000.00, and the rings were one Troy ounce of 18k gold.

The good Samaritan agreed to buy the jewelry for $440.00 and went into Fred Meyer to withdraw the money from an ATM. The seller followed him into Fred Meyer, which allowed security cameras to get pictures of them, see below. (Case#21-06911)

On October 3rd, 2021, there were also several reports called in to Springfield Police that three Hispanic men were approaching customers in the Jerry’ Home Improvement parking lot and asking them to buy rings. Witnesses say these men were driving a black Chevrolet Tahoe with a Florida license plate, LDKW49.

Springfield Police officers responded to Jerry’s, but the men left before officers arrived. (Incident#21-254943)

Please look at the photographs and let us know if you recognize the man in the pictures. Also, if you witness any activity that is like the incidents described, please call Springfield Police at 541-726-3714.

Deceptive Jewelry Sales Deceptive Jewelry Sales