Translation Services Request for Proposals

Project Description

The City of Springfield is soliciting proposals for ad-hoc English to Spanish translation services to ensure that public facing materials are provided in the language most accessible to impacted residents. The exact number of documents, document type, word counts, and languages requested may vary throughout the period of this agreement.

RFP Document

Project Schedule

All dates, times and locations are subject to change

RFP Opens February 2, 2023
Request For Clarifications Due February 20, 2023 at noon local time
Responses to Clarification Due February 24, 2023
Proposals Due March 9, 2023 at 2:00pm local time
Intent to Award Notice (Approximate) March 28, 2023

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Proposal Scoring Results

Contract Award (Approximate) April 14, 2023

All questions regarding this project should be addressed to the Contract Analyst identified below.

Yueyin Lin Phone: 541 726-3709 Email:

Questions will be reviewed and responses will be posted to this website. If, in the opinion of the City, it is necessary to amend or supplement the Request for Proposals, an Addendum will be prepared, posted below, and notifications sent to all proposers that provided a valid e-mail address. A developer may also request to be added to the list for notifications by emailing Yueyin Lin at

The City will make every reasonable effort to notify all proposers of Addenda, however, it is recommended that teams routinely check the website for updated information. The City is not responsible for any explanation, clarification, interpretation or approval made or given in any manner except by written Addendum issued by the City.

Addenda will not be issued within 72 hours of the RFP response deadline without extending the RFP deadline.

View Clarification Log Last Posted: N/A Any Questions and answers that do not amend or supplement the RFP will be posted here

Addenda Issued

Addendum Number Addendum Date Date/Time Posted
Addendum 1 2/24/23 2/24/23 2:52 pm PST
Addendum 2 3/3/23 3/3/23 3:00pm PST