Springfield Promotes Path Etiquette

To ensure all shared use path users treat each other in a courteous and safe manner on paths, the City of Springfield is continuing their path etiquette campaign. The campaign aims to promote courtesy and safety among all path users and includes community outreach, education, media, and temporary signage. Visit the new Walk Bike Springfield webpage for more information about path etiquette and other transportation campaigns and programs.

The shared use paths throughout Springfield are popular and well loved. From the Middle Fork Path, to the Millrace Path, to the Riverbank Path, there are options for everyone! However, there has been an increase in the number of people, and the range of bikes and wheeled devices, on paths in the last few years. The City is asking all users to be aware of the following when using the shared use paths:

  1. Paths are for everyone — all non-motorized modes
  2. Travel a safe speed — 20 MPH maximum speed on paths, slower as needed
  3. Stay in your lane — stay right, pass left, don’t take more than your half
  4. Give warning when passing — call “passing on your left” or ring bell
  5. Dogs on a short leash

To help shared use path users become more familiar with these key messages of the path etiquette campaign, the City will be holding two events between 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 24, and Wednesday, August 30, on the Riverbank Path near D Street entrance. The events will include path etiquette trivia and prizes, free bike repairs, and free maps and resources. Community members are encouraged to stop by to ask questions, have their bike repaired, or grab free safety lights!

Additional Information: Transportation Options Specialist Kelsey Moore, 541.255.6337 or kcmoore@lcog.org