Transportation Engineering

The Transportation Team works to provide an efficient multi-modal transportation system of roads, paths, sidewalks and other facilities for the benefit and use of auto, truck, bicycle, and bus users and pedestrians of all ages and abilities.

The team prepare comprehensive plans of area wide facilities, identify locations for new road, bike path and sidewalk facilities, respond to development proposals, prepare construction drawings for roads, multi-use paths, sidewalk projects and roundabouts, as well as manage the construction of those projects.

Traffic signals owned by the City and Oregon Department of Transportation are timed for safety and efficiency. Street lights are checked regularly for burned out bulbs. Citizen inquiries about new signs, signals, and lights, as well as speeding and safety concerns are investigated and cost effective solutions are implemented.

How do I use the pedestrian beacons on Gateway Street and Harlow Road? Check out the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon brochure
How do I report a street light that is out?
Call SUB at 541-726-2395
How do I drive the roundabout at Pioneer Parkway and Hayden Bridge?
How do I learn more about flashing yellow arrows?
How do I learn more about bicycling in Springfield?
Who do I call to report a problem with a signal?
Email or call Transportation at 541.736.7134
Who do I call to request the speed trailer “Buster” or report speeding?
Call Police at 541-726-3714
Who do I call if I want to hang a banner over Mohawk Blvd. or Main Street?
Go to BANNERS or Call 541-736-7123
Where do I go to get traffic counts?
I need a driveway permit, where do I go?
I need a permit, where do I go? PERMITS
I have a stop sign question, who do I call?
Call Transportation at 541-736-7134 or email
How do I learn more about safety for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians?
Vegetation is obstructing my view, who do I call?

Call Maintenance at 541-726-3761 or email

I want to find out different commuter options, where do I go?
Get There Oregon – scroll down to ‘Plan Your Trips”
How do I volunteer for Transportation events such as “Wheels by the Willamette”, TSP Open Houses, Business Commute Challenge, etc.?
Call Transportation at 541-726-4585