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Springfield Manuals Springfield Codes
Engineering Design Standards and Procedures Manual Municipal Code and Charter
Standard Construction Specifications Development Code
Master Fees and Charges Schedule
 FY2024 Master Fees & Charges Schedule – July 1, 2023
Development and Public Works Resource Center
Permits, Applications and Licenses Brochures, Guides and Fact Sheets
Forms, Documents and Plans Maps
Encroachment Permits
Encroachment Permit (if project contains ADA ramps, use Encroachment Permit Type 2)
Encroachment Permit Type 2
Public Improvement Permit Project Forms
Public Improvement Project Permit Agreement
Design Professional PIP Permit Acknowledgment
Contractor PIP Permit Acknowledgment
Construction Permit Deposit for Public Improvement Projects (updated 7-14-22)
Required Stormwater Scoping Sheet Use Policy
Stormwater Management System Scope of Work
Weekly Construction Permit Project Status Report
Construction Inspector’s Checklist
Utility Concurrence
Project Acceptance Form (This form must be typed or in ink and submitted as a two-sided document printed on 8 1/2″ X 14″ paper)
Financial Security Options
Public Improvement Performance Bond (With Instructions)
Public Improvement Performance Bond (Blank)
Irrevocable Letter of Credit (With Instructions)
Irrevocable Letter of Credit (Blank)
Set Aside Letter (With Instructions)
Set Aside Letter (Blank)
Land and Drainage Alteration Permit (LDAP) Performance Bond (With Instructions)
Land and Drainage Alteration Permit (LDAP) Performance Bond (Blank)
Design Exception Forms
Design Exception Form – General
ADA Ramp Design Exception Form
Inspection Forms
Inspection Form for Parallel ADA Ramps
Inspection Form for Perpendicular ADA Ramps
Inspection Form for Combination ADA Ramps
Inspection Form for Cut Through ADA Ramps
Inspection Form for Pedestrian Push Buttons
Inspector Daily Log
Street Light Inspection Form
Miscellaneous Forms
Noise Permit
Paynote (ODOT)
Crosswalk Closure Request
Notice of Delay
Contract Time Adjustment
Price Agreement Summary
Daily Time and Materials Log
Price Agreement Labor Invoice
Price Agreement – Equipment and Materials Invoice (Excel)