Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

A Community Re-investment Plan

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a five-year program that identifies needs for construction of capital projects or improvements to the City’s infrastructure.  It identifies estimated costs and funding sources to demonstrate a balanced funding and expenditure program.

The CIP is updated biennially according to the following schedule.

  • July: CIP project review process starts
  • July: Capital project requests go to public and City departments
  • August/September: Publish internal draft of CIP
  • September: Begin internal draft CIP review
  • November: Planning Commission reviews draft CIP
  • December/January: City Council work session review and public hearing on draft CIP
  • January/February: Capital Budget presented to Budget Committee

Each update is created with input from the public, advice from the Planning Commission and direction from the City Council.  It is reviewed at a public hearing in early spring and adopted by the City Council.  The adopted CIP then becomes the basis for the annual capital budget.

Public input is an important first step in creating the annual update to the CIP.  Do you have a suggestion?  Possibly you would like to see an improvement to your neighborhood.  Or, maybe you have an idea for an improvement to another area within the City.  If so, we’d like to hear about it!  Please share your ideas with us by completing the Capital Improvement Program Request Form. Project ideas may be submitted at any time for possible incorporation into future Capital Improvement Program updates.