Canines for Clean Water

Introducing the winners for next year’s 2025 Calendar!

We are thrilled that more than 270 Springfield residents entered our contest for our next, 2025 edition of the Calendar! We invited more than 300 locals to be our judges and the votes are in. It was not easy to narrow down so many adorable entries into a list of 12 winners, but here they are!

Contest FAQ & Rules

Dog lovers are water lovers

Springfield’s waterways are of great value to us and our pets. There’s nothing quite like watching your dog romp and play in a stream, or enjoying the natural beauty of the Willamette River with your best canine friend. We receive a lot of rain and one of the biggest threats to local bodies of water, including the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers, is urban runoff. As runoff flows over rooftops, yards, streets, and other hard surfaces, it washes pollutants into storm drains and out to waterways where they can harm local wildlife and water quality.

Clean water is the result of each of us doing our part

City staff – We help plan, clean, and maintain public streets, catch basins, pipes, and treatment systems such as swales, planters and ponds. We also respond to complaints of spills, help businesses develop water-friendly habits, and provide public education on our water systems.

Springfield residents – You and your loved ones have an even more important role because it’s your everyday behaviors that can either cause or prevent pollution. As you look through the months in the calendar, you’ll meet local canine friends and you’ll see special clean water tips, that are based on today’s needs in Springfield’s waterways.

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We pledge and we prevent water pollution

Our everyday actions contribute to waterway health and Canines for Clean Water reminds us of that fact. Common river pollutants include bacteria and harmful nutrients from animal droppings, leaking fluids from vehicles, chemicals for killing moss and weeds, soaps from car washing, and litter such as cigarette butts.

The Canines for Clean Water Calendar Contest asks all participants to pledge to pick up after their pet in an effort to reduce bacteria contamination in waterways from runoff.

You, too, can pledge online to scoop the poop and receive a banana and a bag holder for your leash! Click the green button below to “Pledge now.”

Take the Pledge

We’ll mail a free Canines For Clean Water bandana and poop-bag holder to Springfield community members who sign up here, pledging to keep Springfield’s waterways clean and healthy by picking up after their pooches. Springfield residents only.

Pledge Now!

Free to all Springfield residents who pledge! An official bandana and poop-bag holder (includes the bags).

About the Calendar

What started in 2012 as a calendar project featuring pets of City employees, has developed into a much-anticipated annual project involving hundreds of Springfield dog owners and dozens of pet-loving businesses.

For our most recent edition, Springfield’s Stormwater Team announced a photo contest in the spring of 2024 for local dog owners on the City of Springfield’s Facebook page and here on this webpage. From a pile of adorable entries, more than 300 local judges were invited picked their favorites. In May 2024, we will grab our squeak toys and treats and met each pooch and their family for a special photo shoot around town.

Calendars are available FREE for pickup in November 2024, to Springfield residents only, until supplies run out. Be sure to get yours!

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Email or call us at 541-726-3694.