Recycling in Springfield

Through our ongoing partnership with Sanipac, the City of Springfield is committed to providing community members with opportunities to recycle and reuse materials that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. This page contains information on what materials are recyclable, where you can recycle locally, and other resources for keeping Springfield clean.  If you have a question that isn’t answered in the following pages, feel free to email us at

Read Sanipac’s latest Annual Report covering services provided in Springfield and approved by the State.

Local Recycling
Sanipac is the Franchised Hauler for Springfield.

What does Sanipac Recycle in Springfield?
Sanipac provides curbside commingle recycling and yard debris collection for Springfield residents in conjunction with garbage service.  These services provide easy options for Springfield residents who want to recycle some plastics, glass, paper, metal, leaves, grass, and small branches in Springfield. Did you know that if you already have a garbage receptacle service with Sanipac then you qualify for a FREE recycle bin?

There have been recent changes to what can be recycled in Springfield. Read about the changes here.
Also, check out the Lane County’s WasteWise tool to help determine if an item is recyclable and where you can recycle it.

Not sure if an item can be recycled? Use Sanipac’s Waste Wizard to help determine if an item can be placed in your recycle bin or if it should go in your garbage receptacle.

You can also use Sanipac’s Waste Wizard to send pick-up day reminders and updates to service schedules right to your mobile phone.

Where Can I Get More Information on Sanipac Recycling Programs?
Sanipac’s Residential Commingle Recycling Guidelines  – For what can be recycled in your curbside commingle containers.
Sanipac’s Commercial Recycling Program  -Recycling options for commercial generators of recyclable materials.

For questions, comments, and engagement opportunities related to recycling with Sanipac, please contact:
Jess Guillen

Beautiful Springfield Truck
In 2021, Sanipac and the City partnered to create a one-of-a-kind wrap for a new garbage truck that is running solely in Springfield. The “Beautiful Springfield!” truck runs different routes throughout the year, so each Springfield neighborhood has a chance to see it in-person. The theme “Beautiful Springfield” was chosen because it acknowledges that waste removal keeps Springfield attractive and helps support both Sanipac and the City’s environmental efforts. You can learn more and view pictures of the truck on our Beautiful Springfield page.

Spring Clean-up Information

What is Spring Clean-Up?
Spring Clean-Up is an opportunity for residents within the City limits to recycle large items and hard-to-recycle materials at one convenient location.
Where can I get more Information on Spring Clean-up?
Information including dates, what materials are acceptable, and the best way to load your vehicle can be found here:
Springfield’s Spring Clean-Up Event

Springfield Leaf Collection Information

What is the Springfield Leaf Collection Program?
Each fall the City of Springfield Public Works coordinates a leaf collection even to prevent flooding, protect property and prevent water pollution.
Where can I get more information on the Springfield Leaf Collection Program?
Collection information and guidelines can found here:
Springfield’s Leaf Collection Program

Materials that are Recyclable at Lane County Transfer Stations

What Material is Recyclable at Lane County Transfer Sites?
Lane County Transfer Sites are able to accept a wide variety of materials. The links below provide more details. Also, check out Lane County’s WasteWise tool to help determine if an item is recyclable and where you can recycle it. Want to learn more about recycling and help others? Check out Lane County’s Master Recycler Program!

Where are Lane County Transfer Sites Located?
Lane County Public Works Department provides recycling and waste disposal to Lane County residents at 16 disposal sites throughout Lane County.  The Glenwood Transfer Station at 3100 East 17th Avenue provides a wide variety of recycling services and is conveniently located for Springfield residents.  Other transfer sites can be found here:
Lane County Transfer Site Locations

Recycling and Reuse Facilities in Springfield

Lane County Transfer Station- Glenwood (Many recycling opportunities-see website for details)
3100 E 17th Ave
Eugene, OR‎ 97403
(541) 682-4119

St. Vincent De Paul Thurston Store (Many reuse and recycle opportunities-see website for details)
4555 Main Street
Springfield, OR 97478
(541) 747-5811

BRING Recycling (Many reuse and recycling opportunities- see website for details)
4446 Franklin Blvd
Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 746-3023

Goodwill Industries
6898 Main Street
Springfield, OR 97477
(541) 345-1801

Disposal of E-Waste: The Oregon E-Cycles Program

What is E-waste?
E-Waste is electronic waste that poses a threat to human health and the environment when disposed of in landfills. In Oregon as of January 1st, 2010 it is against state law to dispose of TVs, Computers, Laptops and Computer Monitors in the garbage. These materials must be recycled to prevent hazardous components from entering our landfills.

Where to Recycle E-Waste
Recycling these items is now possible through the Lane County Electronics Recycling Program. This program is free to citizens and businesses/non-profits employing less than 11 people. Lane County’s Electronics Recycling Information

Disposal of Hazardous Waste

What is Hazardous Waste?
Hazardous Waste is waste with properties that make it potentially harmful to human health or the environment.  This can include liquids, solids and gases.  Most forms of hazardous waste can be disposed of at Lane County Waste Management, with the following exceptions:

  • Asbestos (accepted at Short Mt. Landfill)
  • Radioactive materials (including smoke detectors)
  • Explosives (ammunition and road flares accepted)
  • Infectious wastes (sharps accepted at all Lane County transfer sites in the recycling area)
  • Empty containers, dried paint and non-hazardous wastes, including food products
  • Commercially-generated waste (Commercial waste generators may be eligible for the Conditionally Exempt Generator Program)

Where Can I Dispose of Hazardous Waste?
Hazardous Wastes should be disposed of by contacting the Lane County Household Hazardous Waste Center.  Household hazardous waste disposal is free by appointment at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Lane County Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Disposal of Construction and Demolition Debris

What is Construction and Demolition Debris?
Construction debris includes wood, metal, roofing, fixtures, asphalt/concrete, cardboard and basically anything else you end up with after building or demolishing a structure.  This material can often be expensive to dispose of in a landfill and may have great reuse value.

Where Can I Get More Information on Disposal of Construction and Demolition Debris?
A great resource for recycling information on construction and demolition debris is page 22 of the Lane County Recycler’s Handbook.  For further information on what materials BRING Recycling is able to accept, as well as other disposal locations in Lane County visit BRING Recycling’s Webpage.