Wastewater Collections

Collection System

The Operations Division maintains the wastewater collection system that conveys wastewater from Springfield to the regional treatment plant. The Division typically responds to a wide variety of customer service requests each year. We inspect and clean the collection system to prevent blockages and issues underground that could cause a pipe to break or collapse. Operations also works with the Environmental Services Division to address fats, oils, and greases (FOG), which can cause major backups. Operations updates the GIS maps and database that stores information about the location and condition of the wastewater pipes.

The Operations Division maintains 225 miles of wastewater lines, varying from 6″ to 60″ in diameter.

Maintenance activities include:

  • Pipeline cleaning
  • TV inspections
  • Pipeline locating
  • Inspecting maintenance access holes
  • Pipeline repair


  • Residents are responsible for their private wastewater line to the public right-of-way.
  • The City is responsible for maintaining the wastewater collection system within the public right-of-way.

Infiltration & Inflow Monitoring

Removing rainwater from the wastewater system is important to reduce overflows at the regional treatment plant. Much of the excess water comes from downspouts, sump pumps, and area drains improperly connected to the wastewater collection system.  Flow monitoring and flow modeling provide measurements and data used to determine estimates of Inflow & Infiltration (I & I). Flow meters are placed in varying locations throughout the wastewater collection system to take measurements and identify general I & I source areas. The City of Springfield completed a Wastewater Master Plan in 2008 which involved inspection of the wastewater system using several methods to identify future rehabilitation projects.

Repairing Infiltration & Inflow Sources

Repair techniques include pipe patching and relining, maintenance hole repair and replacement, disconnecting illegal plumbing, drains, and roof downspouts. The City of Springfield has engaged in an active rehabilitation effort to reduce the entry of I & I into the collections system, including removing and replacing pipe that was more than 60 years old.

Customer Service Requests: Springfield Development Public Works E-Mail

Telephone contact: 541-726-3761

Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance (CMOM) Program

Watch this video to learn how the Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance (CMOM) Program strategically guides all things wastewater in Springfield.