Virginia-Daisy Bikeway Project

Virginia Avenue and Daisy Street have been identified for street design changes to provide a safe and comfortable bicycle corridor that can be used by people of all ages and abilities. The corridor will provide an east-west bike network option, that will serve as an alternative to Main Street. Additionally, the project strives to enhance the overall appeal of the corridor for all users and residents, improve pedestrian safety and usage, and provide traffic calming to emphasize safety and active transportation along the street.

The City Council held a public hearing on November 21, 2016 and approved the draft final report.

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Virginia-Daisy Street Signs
42nd St Intersection 32nd St Intersection Raised Sidewalk
42nd St Intersection Roundabout Design Concept 32nd Street Intersection Design Concept Raised Sidewalk with Red Paint Preliminary Design Concept


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Project News

Construction to start mid-July 2020 on Phase 1A. Read 6-24-20 e-update for more details.

Phase 1 Scope and Timeline Update. Read 8-5-19 e-update for more details.

4-17-19 update: The City is anticipating construction of Phase 1 of the Virginia-Daisy Bikeway Project to start in fall 2019 and continue through summer 2020. Detailed engineering plans for Phase 1 should be completed soon and will be out to bid to solicit a construction contract in late summer 2020.

Construction update and 54th Street Multi-Use Path. Read 12-19-18 e-update for more details.

Shift in schedule for start of construction. Read 8-23-18 e-update for more details

Tree Removal completed and next steps. Read 5-8-18 e-update for more details.

At Council direction, staff is reached out to specific property owners and residents within project corridor to discuss street trees in December 2017. Below are the letters sent to property owners and residents.

Curb Extension Trees – A letter was sent to neighbors fronting locations of potential curb extension street trees.
Curb Extension Tree Options

Planter Strip Trees – A letter will be sent to neighbors from S 48th Street to S 51st Place.
Planter Strip Tree Options

February – October 2016: Design Development – Preliminary Design Concepts; Refined Design Concepts; Draft Final Report
November 2016 – City Council Approved Final Report that includes Final Corridor Design Concept.

2017: Design Engineering Plan Development
2018: Design Engineering Plan
2019: Design Engineering Plan Completion
2020: Construction Bidding process; start construction on Phase 1A

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The City of Springfield would like to hear from stakeholders interested in this project and keep the community informed as the project develops.

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See Virginia-Daisy Communications Plan for more detail about public involvement.

Project Manager
Jesse Jones, Civil Engineer

Para Español
Molly Markarian

Media Contact
Loralyn Spiro, Communications Coordinator

Project Background

The project considered design elements, including treatments such as striping of bicycle lanes, sharrows, traffic calming infrastructure, intersection treatments, automobile traffic diversion, limited lighting additions, ramp improvements, speed and designation signs, and a crossing improvement at S 42nd St.

The City of Springfield was selected to receive funding to develop and implement the Virginia-Daisy Bikeway project through the Oregon Transportation Enhancement grant program. The project was identified in the Springfield Bicycle Plan and is consistent with the Springfield Transportation System Plan, the Central Lane MPO Regional Transportation Plan, and the Lane County Transportation System Plan. The project will pair well with the Willamalane Mill Race Multiuse Path to provide more city-wide east-west connectivity. The path has a trailhead at 32nd and Jasper that opened winter 2017.

Click to view Final Report
Click here to view the Draft Final Report
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There have been multiple opportunities for the Springfield community to receive and seek project information and provide input on the project. There were two open houses to learn more about the project and provide feedback to City staff. See chapter 3 in the Final ReportFinal Report for a full summary of the public involvement activities.

Open House #1
6 to 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Mt. Vernon Elementary – Cafeteria
935 Filbert Ln in Springfield

Open House #2
6 to 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Papa’s Pizza
4011 Main Street in Springfield