Street Trees & Street Landscape Maintenance

The Street Tree and Landscaping program focuses on managing City-owned landscaped areas and Public Street trees in a safe, attractive and healthy state.  The Landscaping program involves maintenance of City landscapes and planter beds at City entrances, roundabouts, Pioneer Parkway, Mohawk Boulevard, Bob Straub Parkway, Beltline Road, Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, and a number of traffic medians throughout the City.

Street Landscaping

Landscape activities include vegetation and weed control, trimming shrubs, turf mowing, litter control, irrigation repairs, leaf cleanup, correcting vision clearance issues, and assisting citizens and public agencies with vegetation concerns.  Each summer temporary workers are hired to assist with landscaping activities.

Street Trees

Street tree activities include planting, trimming and removal of trees along City properties and streets, and assisting in street tree selections on public and private projects.  The City’s Development Standard 4.2-140 is intended to ensure that new trees planted within the public right-of-way are of the highest quality, require low maintenance, and will not compromise public safety.

A list of street trees based on planter strip size and overhead power lines has been developed for planting projects.

Removal of street trees without City approval is a violation of City code Municipal Code 5.262 Damage to Shrubs and Trees.  The City practices “Right Tree in the Right Place” concept in tree selection and placement. Locate trees outside of vision triangles (Development Code 4.2-130 Vision Clearance), 5 feet from utilities and approximately spaced 30 feet apart.

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