Contest for the 2025 Calendar – FAQ & Rules

Welcome to our frequently asked questions and calendar contest rules. Please click on the box next to each question to view the answer:

Each year, the City of Springfield’s Stormwater Team creates a Canines for Clean Water calendar. Some community members don’t know that the Willamette and McKenzie rivers, and other local waterways like Camp Creek and the Mill Race, contain too much bacteria according to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Since Springfield’s stormwater runoff empties into these waterways and is not fully cleaned first, Springfield is required by the State to host public activities that spread the word. We hope these projects inspire everyone to pick up and actively reduce the amount of overall bacteria in the water.

Bacteria from pet waste left on the ground is one thing community members can control. It can wash into storm drains and channels and out to waterways, concentrating in the water. When you enter your dog into this calendar contest, you pledge to keep our local waterways clean by always “scooping the poop.” It’s the right choice for you, your pet, and the community. Thank you for participating!

The contest for the 2025 Calendar is now closed. Please join us in April 2025, because we’ll be doing it again for the 2026 Calendar!

  • ONLY residents of Springfield, Oregon, which includes Glenwood.
  • Owner must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The dog must live in Springfield.
  • You and your dog must be a Springfield resident, which includes Glenwood.
  • You must pledge, when you enter, to pick up your dog’s poop.
  • Dogs may be nominated only once per year.
  • You must provide a current photo of your dog.
  • Dogs must be nominated by their owners – sorry, no nominating other people’s pooches!
  • You may enter your pup into the 2025 calendar contest only if they have NOT been featured in the 2024, 2023, or 2022 calendars.

This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook. By entering, you agree that Facebook is released from this contest. All information for this contest is collected by Springfield’s Stormwater Team, not by Facebook, and all information will be used only for this contest.

Over the years of running this contest we have noticed that every selected photo has traits in common:

  • The dog is in focus.
  • There is good lighting so we can see the dog clearly.
  • Much of their body is visible and they are either looking toward the camera or shown at an attractive angle.
  • They are in a setting where we can see them clearly. Example: don’t put a black dog in front of a black chair. Attractive settings seem to get more votes.

The calendar contest begins Friday, March 22, 2024 and ends at midnight on Friday, April 5, 2024. Winners will be contacted starting in late April until we receive responses from 12 pet owners. Photo shoots with the selected dogs will start May 6, 2024.

To nominate each dog as a candidate for its own separate month, send a separate photo for each dog. To submit them as a group to be shown in the same month, submit one photo with them all so our judges can see them together – limit of up to three (3) dogs. If a “pack” is selected for the calendar, they will be photographed together (as a pair or trio) and featured in a single month.

Yes! You can participate in the contest even if you’ve already pledged to “scoop the poop.” But you do need to renew your pledge and provide a current photo of your dog to enter the contest.

If your dog won and was featured in the 2024, 2023, or 2022 Canines for Clean Water calendar, you are not eligible to win this year’s contest.

If your dog has not been featured in the last 3 calendars, YES you may enter again!

Photo submissions will be reviewed by City of Springfield staff who will select the top finalists based on dogs’ appearance, diversity of dog breeds/types, and any other criteria determined.

If your dog is selected, City staff from the Stormwater Team will contact you directly via Facebook Messenger or email, depending how you entered.

We will start contacting winners the fourth week of April until 12 dogs are confirmed, which is approx. April 22-May 3, 2024. It is common for us to not hear back from some owners and we give everyone a few days to respond before contacting the next winner, so it may take time to confirm everyone.

If a dog is selected but the owner does not reply by the date noted in the message, another finalist will be chosen. Photo shoots with you and your pooch will be scheduled for May 2024.

If you did not win, we will not contact you.

If you enter through Facebook we cannot message you directly to tell you if you won unless you “follow” or are a “friend” of the City of Springfield’s Facebook page. Your best options are one of the following:

No, we will not use the photo you submit. We will schedule photo shoots for the selected dogs. So don’t worry – the photo you submit of your pup doesn’t have to be perfect (but please make sure we can clearly see your adorable dog)!

Photo shoots will be scheduled for the month of May 2024, which tends to be warm with lots of greenery and flowers. They will generally be held between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. There can be a lot of rain in May and that’s not great for the camera, so we keep an eye on the forecast.

We will ask for your help in picking a location where your dog will be comfortable and happy. That may be a yard, a favorite walk, or a park. We love creative ideas that no one has done before!

If your dog likes water, here’s some Springfield locations with waterways:

  • Island Park (Island Park Slough, Willamette River, Mill Race to the south)
  • West D Bike Path (Willamette River)
  • Eastgate Woodlands (Alton Baker Canoe Canal)
  • By Gully Bike Path (Q-Street Floodway)
  • Jasper Trailhead (Jasper Slough, Jasper Pond, Mill Race)
  • Georgia Pacific (Mill Race, Georgia Pacific Pond, etc.)
  • Clearwater Park (Middle Fork Willamette River, Mill Race)
  • Booth Kelly Trailhead (Mill Race)
  • Lively Park (S. Cedar Creek)
  • Ruff Park (S. Cedar Creek)
  • Harvest Landing (Boat launch on the McKenzie)
  • McKenzie Oxbow (McKenzie River)
  • Dorris Ranch (Willamette River)
  • Pacific Park (Channel 6)
  • Guy Lee Park (Channel 6)
  • Lyle Hatfield Path (McKenzie River, by PeaceHealth)

The Canines for Clean Water 2025 Calendar will be available for free, only to Springfield residents, starting in November of 2024. The calendars will be distributed at the Springfield City Library and other City of Springfield offices, Springfield veterinary offices, and other Springfield pet businesses. It is available while supplies last!

Yes! City staff will provide you (dog’s owner) with several copies of the calendar. Photos of dogs selected for the calendar may also be used in the promotion of future calendar contests and the City’s Canines for Clean Water program.

Yes! If we do a photo shoot with your dog, we will give you a link to download copies of the best images from your photoshoot. You will not receive the link until November 2024, because we don’t want to ruin the surprise before the calendar is released.

About the Canines Program
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Here’s what winners look like

These are the photos selected by our judges for a previous calendar. Note that all of them are in focus, have good lighting, show most of the dog’s body, and have lots of poochy personality!


Learn more about the Canines for Clean Water program by visiting our “Canines for Clean Water” page. You can also email or call us at 541-726-3694.