Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is performed to prevent water from infiltrating our street surfaces through cracks in the road surface. Over time the water will disturb or break down the road base causing additional cracking, alligatoring (extreme cracking) and eventually base failure (sinking and crumbling) of the road surface. If the streets are allowed to alligator or even worse, base failure, this would require a base repair or reconstruction of the street to bring it back to a fair or better state.

Proper crack sealing is without question the most cost effective and important part of our preventative maintenance program. Cracks are prepared for sealing using highly compressed air to blow out and clean the cracks; a torch is also used to burn vegetation that may be growing in these crevices. Cracks are then sealed with a very hot Asphaltic rubber that adheres to the walls and fills the cracks.

To view construction and maintenance projects including crack sealing locations, click on the map below to go to ODOT’s TripCheck.

The following streets are scheduled for crack/slurry seal maintenance in 2023:

  • Pheasant Blvd.
  • Colonial Dr.
  • Ethan Ct.
  • Nicholas Dr.
  • V St.
  • U St.
  • N 6th St.
  • N 8th St.
  • N 9th St.
  • Northridge Ave.
  • N 10th St.
  • Rose Blossom Dr.
  • Debra Dr.
  • Lawnridge Ave.
  • N 15th St.
  • Rambling Dr.
  • N 18th St.
  • Vera St.
  • N 17th St.
  • Delrose Ave.
  • Grand Vista Dr.

The Benefits of the City’s Policy

When this material is applied properly it will generally last up to eight (8) years. Overall crack sealing reduces annual maintenance while preserving safe streets for our citizens. Watch our crack seal video to learn more about the process.

For more information, call:  541.726.3761