HEARTSafe Community

Eugene Springfield Heart Safe Community logo with blue and green heart separated by a pulse beat.

Eugene Springfield Fire is committed to making the Eugene-Springfield community a HEARTSafe Community. We are focused on increasing cardiac arrest survival rates through awareness, education, and partnering with organizations that further this mission.

What is a HEARTSafe Community?

Eugene Springfield Fire is leading the initiative to make our community safer. In order to be designated a HEARTSafe Community, the Eugene-Springfield area must meet the following criteria:

  • A lead organization (Eugene Springfield Fire) will oversee and coordinate HEARTSafe efforts
  • Collection of and analysis of cardiac arrest data
  • 15% of the community population is trained in CPR within 12 months with intent to train an additional 15% each year
  • Identify and formally recognize community members who perform CPR in an an effort to save a life
  • Increase public awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and encourage bystander intervention
  • Implement a Telecommunicator CPR (T-PCR) Program (9-1-1 Calltakers providing CPR instruction over the phone)
  • Emergency Medical Services provider has a quality improvement process
  • Establish secondary public health measure supporting cardiovascular wellness (education, prevention, and systems of care)
  • Schools and municipal buildings have effective emergency response plans for cardiac arrest
  • AEDs have permanent placement in public and private locations, i.e. shopping malls, supermarkets, theaters, etc.
  • Establish and participate in an AED registry
  • First responder agencies (law enforcement or fire department) are defibrillation capable
  • Emergency Medical Services provider practices “high-performance” CPR

Resources for Cardiac Arrest Survivors, Co-Survivors, and Bereaved

Eugene Springfield Heart Safe Survivor Resource Sheet

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More than 356,000 people have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the US each year. Please know that you are not alone! There is support out there for you, your needs, and what to expect after surviving cardiac arrest. Many of our partner organizations offer psychological and emotional support and advocacy opportunities for cardiac arrest Survivors and their Co-Survivors (Co-Survivor: those who witnessed the arrest, spouses, family, friends, and other support persons).

Did you host a HEARTsafe course?  Fill out this form below to help us track the reach throughout our community of this important skill.

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Learn more about the symptoms of a cardiac arrest and CPR. 

Know the symptoms of cardiac arrest

Have you heard about PulsePoint and opportunity to help others?

If you have not already downloaded the PulsePoint app personally and professionally to your phone, please do download both the responder and AED app. The AED app will show you a current map of AEDs available in Springfield. With the app you will be informed to either respond to cardiac arrest or assist with uploading local AEDs.

The PulsePoint responder app works in the background of 911 dispatch and sends an alert to active users with their critical alerts on to go to CPR for someone in cardiac arrest within 2 blocks in public. We have had it save lives in our community: Third person recognized for saving cardiac victim’s life | KVAL.

Watch the following video to learn more about PulsePoint.