The City of Springfield is looking for some cute local canines for their 2025 “Canines for Clean Water” calendar. Dog owners can submit photos by email from now until April 5. The free calendar provides tips on keeping the City’s waterways clean and healthy. Picking up pet waste prevents bacteria and parasites from washing into storm drains and out to the Willamette and McKenzie rivers.

The City has held the contest since 2012. To enter, owners must live in Springfield, or Glenwood, and pledge to pick up after their canine family. Contest information and details is on the City’s website at and the free calendars will be available beginning in November.

According to Springfield’s Stormwater Team, the contest promotes community efforts to keep local waterways clean. The Oregon Department of Environmental quality has determined bacteria in the Willamette River, which receives stormwater runoff from Springfield, as a pollutant of concern. Animal droppings are among the most common sources of preventable pollution, they said.

Who: All Springfield Dog Owners (including Glenwood residents)

What: The City is hosting a contest for Springfield residents to enter their dogs for a chance to be photographed and featured in the Canines for Clean Water 2025 Calendar.

Where: Open to Springfield residents only. Entries are submitted through the City’s contest post on Facebook, or by email. Contest information is available at

When: Contest runs March 22 to April 5, 2024

Why: This calendar brings dog lovers together. We celebrate our canine friends, acknowledge that local waterways are wonderful places for us and our pets to enjoy, and agree that each one of us will contribute to clean water by picking up our dog’s waste.

Additional information: Peter Jaeger, environmental services technician, at 541-744-3693 or or visit






Crash at the Booth-Kelly Trailhead from the Canines For Clean Water 2024 Calendar.






Gage at Hendricks Bridge Park from the Canines For Clean Water 2024 Calendar.






Kai at the Mill Race Path from the Canines For Clean Water 2024 Calendar.






Winifred at Clearwater Park from the Canines For Clean Water 2024 Calendar.