Happy Veterans Day 2021! On behalf of the City of Springfield and our community, I want to express my gratitude and thanks to all veterans who call Springfield, Oregon home. Springfield has a long tradition of honoring and celebrating the contributions of veterans in our community. We have the Women’s Veterans Memorial, Memorial Plaza, and several businesses that host Veterans Day events.

The story of our country can be told in the willingness of individuals to leave the safety of their homes to serve in both times of peace and war. Oftentimes, these same individuals return home, and continue to serve their community. The term veteran has become part of their DNA, and I am inspired by their continued commitment to our country. Please thank a veteran, and acknowledge their service, which has made our lives better.

Thank you, Councilor Damien Pitts for your service in the US Army.

Thank you to the many veterans who continue to serve as part of the City including veterans in the Springfield Police Department, Eugene Springfield Fire, Public Works, and other city departments.

As I extend my gratitude to the veterans across our community, I also want to share with you pictures of the veterans in my family. I am proud of their commitment to our country and our freedoms. In the picture, you will find:

Ken VanGordon (dad), US Army, middle

Isaac VanGordon (nephew), US Army, top right

Ian VanGordon (brother), US Army, bottom right

Roy VanGordon (grandfather), US Army, bottom left

Everett VanGordon (great uncle), US Army, top left


Thank you to all veterans for your dedication, sacrifice and commitment. It is an honor to know you, work with you, and spend time acknowledging and appreciating the service you provide on behalf of our country. Thank you. #VeteransDay

Sean VanGordon

Springfield, Oregon Mayor