Click to view the Springfield Map Hub with the new storm response map.

The City of Springfield’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team has launched a new tool to help track reports of on tree damage and City progress on the debris cleanup.

The map only shows a fraction of the trees Operations staff and recently hired contractors will be cleaning and removing from City streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, and the public right of way. It will continue to be updated as reports come in and cleanup work is completed.

The data shows service requests from community members for cleanup of street trees. The work order numbers show the progress being made on cleanup. Red streets are being cleaned as crews make their way through the City and streets will turn green as progress is recorded.

If there is a street tree next to your property that needs City cleanup, here’s how to report it to Springfield’s Operations crews:

  • For trees that are an immediate hazard on public streets or property:
    • During normal business hours 8 a.m.-4 p.m., call 541-726-3761.
    • For after-hours response please call the police non-emergency line at 541-726-3714.
  • For trees that don’t impose an immediate hazard or safety issue please email