Springfield Police make quick arrest after car chase.

On October 4th 2021 at 12:06 am, a Patrol Officers attention was drawn to a vehicle being driven poorly in the 4500blk of Main St.  In addition to speed, the rear window was either shattered out or missing completely.  As the Officer attempted to stop the vehicle, it fled at speeds of over 60mph on Daisy St.  The suspect pulled into an apartment complex and into a parking space, jumped out and tried to hide behind a truck in the next spot.  He was instantly arrested.  Although claiming he wasn’t the one driving, security footage clearly showed the driver with a distinctive “man-bun” hairstyle exiting the car and trying to hide.  Officers recognized the suspect, Clayton Altemus, from a prior incident involving poor driving on Hwy 126 near Mohawk (resulting in the hospitalization of another driver).  Altemus’ driving status is now felony suspended for assault.

During the investigation, Officers suspected Altemus was impaired and found evidence of inhalants all over the floorboard of the driver’s seat.  Officer Lauren Card, who is the newest member of the Department’s Drug Recognition Expert team took over the investigation, and ultimately charged Altemus with Driving Under the Influence.  Altemus also had a felony warrant for Identity Theft.

ARRESTED:          Clayton William Altemus 20 year old male of Cottage Grove

CHARGES:           Elude by Vehicle

Elude by Foot


Reckless Driving

Felony Driving While Suspended

Reckless Endangering

Parole Violation warrant – Identity Theft