In order to help Springfield businesses successfully navigate operations during the COVID-19 emergency, the City Council passed Resolution 2020-05, allowing temporary expansion of outdoor seating areas and beyond.

The permits will include the ability to place outdoor seating within parking, sidewalk, and landscape areas, within the City’s right-of-way, and may be available in areas citywide and subject to City approval.

During this time, directly associated application fees will be waived. Permits may be reassessed or removed at any time due to safety or changes in COVID-19 events.

This temporary change allows for expanded private property and right-of-way use specific to serving customers while adhering to safety and physical distancing regulations and guidelines. These amenities will be available for consideration citywide and only during the Declared State of Oregon and Lane County Emergency.

It is an ongoing commitment of the City Council to encourage economic development and revitalization through community partnerships as well as to provide financially responsible and innovative government services. With the passage of Resolution 2020-05, the City is able to continue to promote those goals, while still meeting State guidelines to help keep our community members and visitors safe.

More information on this program and application process is available at