Local leaders have come together to issue a statement denouncing today’s events in Washington, D.C. and calling for communities to come together to participate in civil democracy.

The statement is as follows:

There are certain principles and rights that we, as Americans, have established. Those include the right to peacefully assemble and our right to dissent – both of which are critical to our democracy. We cannot mistake what is happening today in Washington, D.C. for lawful or peaceful assembly.

The actions that occurred at the U.S. Capitol today are an assault on our Republic and our Constitution; it goes far beyond the partisan politics that have so divided our nation in recent years.

We denounce these actions.

We can and must do better. Please join us in committing to working together to ensure our communities continue to participate in civil democracy where we come together to improve our communities for everyone.

The following local leaders have signed on to this statement:

  • Lane County Board of Commissioners Chair Joe Berney
  • Mayor Lucy Vinis, City of Eugene
  • Council President functioning as Mayor Steve Moe, City of Springfield
  • Mayor Jeff Gowing, City of Cottage Grove
  • Mayor Kathy Nichols Holston, City of Oakridge
  • Mayor Melody Cornelius, City of Westfir