Rediscovering our connection to water

The City of Springfield is proud to be part of a voluntary collaborative partnership of over 60 Oregonian organizations who are all working together to bring us Follow the Water. It’s larger than any single organization or entity, bringing together federal, state, and local governments; watershed councils; and Soil & Water Conservation Districts.

Follow the Water is a campaign that engages folks with water in Oregon, Southwest Washington, and communities along the Columbia River. It connects clean water to healthy communities. It helps us connect our actions at home and around the state to our rivers. It displays the broader ecosystem of how water cycles through our watersheds, neighborhoods, and our lives.

When we visit our waterways, or when we take a drink of water, it is a reminder of who we are. As Judy Bluehorse Skelton, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Nations Studies at Portland State University says, “Water is our first medicine. When you have nothing else – water.” 

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The Follow the Water campaign is by the Clean Rivers Coalition, which is supported by Springfield’s Stormwater Team.