Storm Drain Murals Brighten Up Downtown SpringfieldStorm Drain Murals Brighten Up Downtown Springfield

Downtown Springfield is home to sixteen unique storm drain murals, painted since 2015. Most recently five new murals were installed August 23 and 24, 2019 at the Booth-Kelly trailhead of the Mill Race path. Local artists create designs with a visual message about keeping our waterways clean, and paint the murals on the ground using specialized street paints.

The purpose of the City of Springfield’s UpStream Art project is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our rivers, stream habitat, and aquatic wildlife. Many people don’t realize that pet waste, automotive fluids, yard debris, and other pollutants left on the ground can get washed into storm drains and then flow untreated to local waterways. Everyone can protect local waterways through simple actions such as scooping up dog poop and fixing car leaks.

This spring, several artists submitted designs for murals and a panel of judges selected the top designs to be painted. In August, artists will paint the new murals at the Booth-Kelly trailhead of the Mill Race path (at 307 South Fifth Street, Springfield). The murals will all “flow” toward a stormwater treatment area in the trailhead parking lot, where five murals were already painted in the summer of 2018. Other storm drain murals are located in downtown Springfield near City Hall, the Public House, and the Springfield Justice Center. Learn more about UpStream Art.