Officer Awareness Leads to Return of Stolen Generators

Location: Jasper Road | Springfield, Oregon
Case Number: 24-0497
Date/Time: 01/22/2024
More Information:
Completed By: Zak Gosa-Lewis, Public Information Coordinator

On January 22, 2024, a Springfield Police Department Officer was completing a call when they observed two new generators located inside of a disabled vehicle. While communicating with dispatch about the generators, another officer overheard and shared that a similar model was being utilized by Union Pacific Railroad to power crossings in the area of Jasper Road. The second officer contacted a UPR employee while canvassing the area and was notified that UPR had, in fact, had 4 generators stolen overnight that had not yet been reported stolen.

The first officer was able to work with an additional UPR employee to match the serial numbers on the generators to those in the vehicle. The officer was able to contact the vehicle’s registered owner, who lived in the area and willfully unlocked the vehicle so the generators could be recovered. Later that afternoon, the officer was contacted by an individual who shared that an additional generator had been bought and subsequently dumped in the area of Clear Water Park. The officer was able to recover the generator and arrange for them to be returned to UPR.

If you have any information that may assist in locating the individual responsible for the thefts, please contact the Springfield Police Department at 541.726.3714.