On December 13, 2022, a multi-jurisdictional inspection was conducted at GuestHouse Inn & Suites in cooperation with the Eugene Springfield Fire Marshal’s Office, the City of Springfield Building Official, City of Springfield Code Enforcement, and the Springfield Police Department.

The site visit was initiated after increased police calls and reports of potential fire and health code violations. Inspection of the property resulted in multiple fire and life safety code violations. Additionally, multiple Fire Protection and critical building systems were found to be deficient and non-compliant.

The fire alarm monitoring panel had been tampered with and was non-operational. Multiple fire separation walls and doors were damaged and nonfunctional. Multiple exits and exit pathways were blocked and obstructed. Multiple guest room doors were found to be screwed shut by occupants with most or all hardware missing. Live electrical wiring was found hanging from many sections of the ceiling with multiple sections of the ceiling assembly missing. In addition, heavy concentrations of mold and raw sewage were found in areas which increased the threat to health safety.

The conditions observed within the building posed a present and imminent danger to occupants as outlined in sections 111.1.1 and 112.2 (Unsafe structure and/or conditions) of the Oregon Fire Code. The occupancy was issued a Notice of Violation and provided an opportunity to correct deficiencies. The building was placed on 24-hour fire watch.

This property was abandoned by the previous on-site hotel management company, Ali Hospitality, in November 2022. The current property owner has no control of the property. The property has been turned over to a real estate receivership representative, which is a court-appointed individual/company that is given custodial responsibility over the real property that serves as collateral for a loan in default. The appointed receiver is Ampleo.

Ampleo representatives were unable to fix or repair the noted violations within the required time frame resulting in imminent danger to building occupants. As a result, the Fire Marshal ordered the immediate evacuation of the building.

Agencies including Carry it Forward and HIV Alliance responded onsite to provide information to occupants on available services and/or transport to an Egan Warming Site location. Limited motel vouchers are available to help with the transition. An estimated 75 people were staying at the GuestHouse Inn & Suites.

The building was vacated and closed by 8 p.m., December 14. Security and fencing have also been established to keep people out of the unsafe site.