Central Business Solutions

Central Business Solutions

The Central Business Solutions division currently reports to the Office of the IT Director and plays a key role in fulfilling the City’s information needs by procuring, installing and maintaining a quality suite of business software and applications. This division also works with departments to design and review business processes, perform gap analysis, forecast future application needs and provide custom user interfaces. The IT department supports a variety of applications. The Central Business Solutions division provides support in four major areas as described below: 

Application Administration 

This function is a shared role with the Network Division. The City’s investment in software is maintained by performing patches and upgrades as they become available. Software and business applications must also be regularly monitored and tuned to ensure maximum performance. The Central Business Solutions division also manages software licenses, provides application backup and recovery services, coordinates projects and fulfills ad hoc product requests. This division works with a Network Analyst to provide a standard desktop PC build for City staff. This division also works to fully deploy software packages; such as the Sungard public safety system and the Infor infrastructure management system. 

Business System Analysis 

Even though a business application may be specific to a single division, it is important that the selection and deployment of that application comply with City standards and work well within the context of the entire suite of City business applications. The Central Business Solutions division reviews application choices and works with departments to make sure their application decisions are strategically sound. Performing “gap” analysis, performing best use analysis, reviewing business processes and designs, planning for new software implementation and doing the actual software installation are other areas where Central Business Solutions plays a critical role. 

Application Development 

For a limited set of business applications the Central Business Solutions division will create custom extended functionality within the application and integrations between applications. Programmer Analysts have experience understanding data and the processes by which data can be integrated across application platforms. This not only enriches the information possibilities across all applications but also helps inform decision-makers in ways not previously possible. The Central Solutions division also produces technical documentation and procedures to help answer staff questions about application use. 

Database Administration 

Most City applications are tied to databases that require a sophisticated level of deployment, management and maintenance. Database Administrators are called on to perform software patches and updates, provide backup and recovery, and design and implement schemas.