P21065 – Jasper Trunk Phase 3

Project Status:

Design is nearing completion. Construction is planned for 2023

Project Description:

The Jasper Trunk Line Extension project will provide wastewater service to the Jasper/Natron area within the Urban Growth Boundary that is currently not served. Given completion of the Bob Straub Parkway, it is a priority to extend wastewater service to this area to serve anticipated development. 100% of project costs are proposed to be funded with City funds, with an estimated 50% to be reimbursed to the City by developer contributions or assessments. The project is currently planned to be constructed in at least 3 phases, Phases 1 and 2 have been previously completed.

Phase 3 consists of the installation of 5,280 feet of 18 to 24-inch diameter line along Jasper Road from the current termination point (approximately 1,600 feet southeast of Mt. Vernon Road) to the south side of Bob Straub Parkway near Brand S Road. Wastewater Capital funds will be used to fund the project cost in addition to collecting the developer share through agreements and reimbursements upon connection to the system.